Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peanut Corporation of America Revisited


It has been some time since we have sent out an update, but that is because we have been very busy behind the scenes, gearing up for the official launch of our new web based tracking system - ConcernTrak. We unveiled the beta version of the system at the PTNPA Convention in January, and there was a great deal of interest. Since then, our IT team has been busy tweaking, testing, and readying the program for full scale commercial use.

This inexpensive, comprehensive, web based (no software to install or purchase) system will simplify product tracking. It incorporates a user feedback module - PerformanceTrak, which will quickly revolutionize purchasing by enabling you to check the ratings of different suppliers for a variety of food and commodity based products. This user rating system allows for a transparency that has never before been possible in our industry.

We are also in the process of redesigning our website to better reflect the ever widening scope of our services. For now, please visit

PLEASE NOTE: The email address is no longer functional. Our email is now .


In January of 2009 we published an article on the peanut butter recall. (HERE is a link to that article.). Peanut Corporation of America has been out of the news for several months, but recently an NBC investigative news team released a report on Stewart Parnell, the owner of PCA. HERE is a link to the article and video.

The article discusses the impact the incident had on the industry, and reports that if there are insufficient funds available from Peanut Corporation of America's bankruptcy to settle the claims, victims will pursue lawsuits against manufacturers who unwittingly purchased peanut products from PCA.

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